Certified Organic,
Biobased & Compostable.

Sourced & Certified from Nature

Certifications and standards advance sustainable business practices and provide trust & transparency for customers. Since 2006, bambu has been certifying its sources of bamboo. Today our entire range of cooking utensils is certified by the National Organic Program (NOP), the only cooking utensils and cutlery to receive this designation. Moreover, our disposable and compostable Veneerware® is also made from certified organic sources and has earned USDA (100%) biobased certification.

Biobased products are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine, and forestry materials and provide a preferred alternative to conventional petroleum derived products. Nearly all bambu® products are USDA certified biobased 100%

bambu® is a certified member of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) maintaining a high standard of compost quality across 20 composting facilities throughout the U.S. CMA provides field testing to ensure products are truly compostable.

bambu® is the first and only company to earn Organic Certification for the source of our bamboo used to make cooking utensils and eating utensils, and kids cutlery, Veneerware® disposable dinnerware. LETIS is a leader in sustainability certification. 

Certified Organic. The only cooking utensils, and feeding and serving tools that are certified organic. Made from certified organic bamboo sources. Audited by LETIS and approved to carry the familiar NOP organic seal.

Protect the little ones. Protect your family at an early stage with our childrens flatware, and cutlery, for toddlers and kids. All children cutlery utensils are made from certified organic bamboo. A good solution to keep the little ones safe from chemicals and toxins.

Elegant & eco-friendly bambu® Veneerware® Our bamboo plates are the first and only natural disposable option made from certified organic, renewable bamboo. Elegant and sturdy, these compostable plates are ideal for almost any occasion.

Annual Organic Audit

Each year the bambu team together with LETIS, the certification group, travel to the mountainous region of Fujian province, where the annual audit is conducted. The farmers who manage the bamboo forests live outside the village where the bamboo is harvested. Everyone in the village has the same surname, so we affectionately call this village the town of ‘Guan’.

Sustainable Agriculture

Our bamboo grows and is harvested from wild groves, not from farmed plantations. Bamboo is regenerative and does not important affect food crops. Certification ensures no fertilizers or pesticides are used. Thefore, safe for the planet and safe for the farmers who harvest for us.

Why Organic?

The debate continues whether organic foods have more nutritional value than non- organic foods. The fact is that products that are certified organic are tested and approved to be pesticide-free and chemical-free. And that is healthier for your family, and healthier for the planet.

Families everywhere ar embracing organic products in a wide range of categories, when looking for healthier and safer products to bring into their homes.

Organic is the gold standard for identifying products that don't contain toxic and persistent pesticides.